Sunnyvale / Homicide: Police made a gruesome discovery Sunday after neighbors reported seeing blood seeping out of a loosely cinched garbage bag on the sidewalk, tucked between two bushes. There turned out to be multiple body parts inside. This was on the 800 block of Ticonderoga Drive, and there's still no word on the gender of the victim, or anything further. [CBS, Chron, Examiner]

Bayview / Mugging: Around 11 p.m. last night, a 41-year-old man was "pummeled" in the face by two assailants, about 20 times, when he refused to hand over his cash. [Examiner]

Oakland / Multiple Shootings: One man was killed and six other were injured in four separate, unrelated incidents in Oakland over the weekend. The dead man was 50-year-old Leo Dunson, who suffered a gunshot wound on the 2900 block of High Street on Saturday afternoon. [Examiner]