Literally hundreds — or at least a modest gaggle — of people are abuzz today with the announcement of the candidacy of Harold Miller for Mayor of San Francisco. The Examiner is calling Miller the 10th candidate for the post, but this may be stretching it as his website suggests that he won't be officially registering his candidacy, but wants to petition the City to get his name on the ballot for free — otherwise he'll be a write-in candidate. Thus far, this is what we know about him:

  • He is described as an "unemployed taxi driver," and appears to have also served as a UPS driver, and spent two years as president of the Sunnydale Tenants Association.
  • His website is in many languages, and 374 people like it on Facebook. Unfortunately, in English, he misspells the word "ballot" as "ballet."
  • He does not like homelessness! Or people asking for money at intersections! And he promises to move all beggars and vagrants off the streets and into "a safehouse" within seven days of taking office.
  • Also, he promises to add 15 minutes (per quarter?) to every parking meter in town.
  • He implies that he's endorsed by the Brown Twins, and seems to know Willie Brown.
  • He has made over 30 videos to promote himself and his candidacy for Mayor, like the one below.