Those months the rest of the country calls summer are fast approaching, which means the San Francisco Neighborhood Theater Foundation's Film Night in the Park Series will soon be upon us. Because we like you, and would like to cuddle up with you under a blanket in the park (and because the program website is harrowingly lo-fi), we now present a simplified version of the 2011 Film Night in the Park Schedule. Along with appropriate beverage pairings. Naturally:

Saturday, June 18th: Caddyshack in Dolores Park.
The sharp bite of Caddyshack's offbeat, early-80s humor requires something smooth and drinkable to balance it out, but at it's heart Caddyshack is a beer-drinking movie. So, if you're on Team Bill Murray go for the cheapest beer your meager caddy wages can afford. If you're the country club type, you'll want to go for something with the illusion of class. Like a Stella Artois.

Saturday, July 16th: When Harry Met Sally in Union Square.
The easy joke says bring shot glasses and mix up a bluntly named cocktail. But no one in San Francisco would be caught dead drinking that garbage. Instead, add a little nip of bourbon to a cup of coffee from a Union Square Starbucks and tell your date you think it's adorable that she gets cold when it's 71 degrees out.

Saturday, August 13th: Jaws in Dolores Park.
Have one of the Valencia Street purveyors of artisan cocktails mix you up a shaker of Blood and Sand. That seems appropriate.

Saturday, August 27th: Roman Holiday in Union Square.
Just bring whatever it is you normal drink at Mad Men viewing parties. Like a Campari and Soda or something.

Saturday, September 10th: Dr. Strangelove in Washington Square Park
Mix two parts gin, one part coconut water, a sugar cube and a dash of bitters and you've got yourself Coconut Gin Old Fashioned. The coconut water will help replenish those precious bodily fluids.

Saturday, September 24th: Top Gun in Dolores Park
Straights who are only watching for the snappy quotes: Budweiser bottles with high-five chasers. Gays who are only in it for the volleyball scene: stay on-theme with a cherry-garnished classic like the Aviation.