A few notables will shoot movies in the Bay Area this summer. Valley kid Paul Thomas Anderson will start filming The Master in Vallejo mostly, with some shooting at sea. Anderson's latest flick is about a persuasive man who starts a new religion in the 1950s, assumed to be based on Scientology. Philip Seymour Hoffman is attached to the project, maybe Leonardo DiCaprio too. We're really, really looking forward to this one.

Rob Lowe will begin filming Knife Fight, a drama "about the dark side of political operatives." The movie shoot is slated for June in San Francisco.

James Franco, Heather Graham, Dev Patel, and Lilli Taylor will head up here to make Cherry, an indie about a cocaine-addicted lawyer who gets involved with an 18-year-old porn actress in the San Francisco adult industry. Zesty! Local author Stephen Elliott will direct, says Variety.