San Francisco's best dressed Supervisor has never experienced the joy of taking off her training wheels, apparently. As she told a crowd at City Hall yesterday, "I grew up a city girl and I never learned how to ride a bike." There's a statement in there somewhere about building bike-friendly cities by starting with the kids, but that's for someone else to make. For our purposes we're solely concerned with this stylish cycling getup the D6 supervisor rolled out for her ride down the green carpet. (Because bike lanes are green, get it? You get it.)

Naturally, the city's photographers were all over the photogenic supe as she hopped on a bicycle built for two (powered by SFBC member Peter Masiak) to get a backseat view of the thrills and terrors that face our city's bike commuters. Over at Fog City Journal, photographer Luke Thomas captured the entire ensemble: Dorothy-red heels with elbow-length, Glenda the Good Witch fingerless blue and white striped gloves spiced up a practical black skirt. A tasseled, purple scarf from her seemingly endless supply kept her neck warm, while a glossy white Bern helmet - sure to catch the attention of any passing motorist - cradled her priceless noggin. (Full disclosure: we have the same helmet in Cobalt blue.)

The foot fetishists over at Mission Local snagged a detail shot of those bright red numbers, which Kim says, "demonstrate that people could bike in their dress for work." Easier said than done, especially when someone else is turning the cranks for you, but we'd be lying if we said we didn't have a soft spot for a gal biking in heels. And anyway, it's all a huge improvement over last year's backseat ride in flare pants. It's like Power Ranking extra credit!

Hat Tip to Kim's constituents at The Tender for their roundup of photos.