Laura Beck's wildly addictive installment of vegan dishes worth creaming your culinary pants over.

Soyrizo Breakfast Sandwich at Little Bird Coffeehouse - 835 Geary Street (at Larkin)

This fairly new coffeeshop in the tenderloin opened to a bit of controversy but is now off on smooth sailing toward deliciousness. I don't know, it's Friday Thursday, cut me some slack. The Soyrizo Breakfast Sandwich is filled with tofu scramble, melty vegan cheese, and delicious spicy soyrizo on an english muffin and all that's fine and dandy but then they throw that mother in a panini grill and what comes out is a beast. That panini grill must be a cousin of that toaster oven who can talk because there is certainly magic afoot. Again, it's Friday Thursday, lay off. To hear more about Little Bird and its other offerings and unsane clientele, check out my full review on Vegansaurus!

The Chef's Tasting Menu at Ubuntu - 1140 Main Street

If you're gonna go to Ubuntu, you gotta go big or go home because Executive Chef Aaron London doesn't mess around. You need to roll into town on your golden chariot and kiss your savings goodbye because tonight? Tonight you're THE MAN! Or the whatever you are! Everything from the crazy soups and insane salads to the vegetables prepared in 50 ways and the mind-blowing desserts, you have arrived in the land of vegan gluttony. Weeks after your meal, when you're scrubbing dishes at one of the seven jobs you had to get to pay off the debt, you can think back on it and remember the days when you were so high you could touch the sky. Those were the days.

Southern Comfort Dinner at Millennium - 580 Geary (at Jones)

On Wednesday, May 25th, Millennium goes country! Well, as country as a vegan restaurant in San Francisco can go. Which means, it's country cliches left and right! Previous years feasts have included buckets o' beer, mint juleps, deep-fried everything, wedge salads, a carving station (f'real), and a sundae bar. Not sure what's so southern about that but we love sundaes so we'll let it slide. It's really one of the best nights dining anywhere and by the end of the night, you'll be too fat to walk, and that's definitely a southern thing. Or an awesome thing. It's both things. Logistics: $39.99/person; 5-course Prix Fixe Menu. Reservations available 5:30pm-9:30pm 415-345-3900