At a ceremony at AT&T Park during a Giants game on Wednesday, SF Mayor Ed Lee announced the 10 winners of the city's annual Teacher of the Month Award on Wednesday. This year's lucky recipients? Steven Bonaccorso of John O'Connell High School, Sarah Brant of Balboa High School, Nina Mayer of George Washington High School, Jean Micheli of McKinley Elementary School, Juan Novella of Fairmount Elementary School, Janice Reilly of Commodore Sloat Elementary School, Luis Serra of Alvarado Elementary School, Julie Wong of Noriega Child Development Center, James Samuel of Presidio Child Development Center, and Dale Richardson of New Traditions Elementary School.

"Even during these difficult fiscal times, our teachers prioritize our students and provide an enriching environment in the classroom and in our community," Lee said in a statement.
And by "difficult fiscal times," Lee too-briefly tipped his hat to Tuesday's layoff announcement. In addition to pruning 13 administrators, 120 aides and 34 civil service employees, 139 SFUSD teachers were told by school board President Hydra Mendoz that they "would no longer be needed in the 2011-12 school year."

The school employees will receive their layoff notices by Sunday. Pink slips could be "rescinded any time before the start of the next school year."