UGO Entertainment reports that J.J. Abrams' San Francisco-set (obviously) time-traveling (also kind of obvious) crime drama Alcatraz has been picked up by Fox. You'll remember crews were around town filming the pilot episode back in February and they must have captured some particularly compelling footage because rumor has it Fox was ready to pass on the series.

Back in January, io9 put together a comprehensive preview of the show, but the gist of it is: a group of guards and prisoners disappeared from the prison during it's 1960's heyday, only to reappear in the present. (Mystery!) Anyway, those of you still reeling from the loss of Lost might need to brace yourselves for another show about a time-traveling island, but at least you get Jorge Garcia as a "hippy geek" Alcatraz history expert.

[UGO Entertainment]
Hat tip: TheAwl