The U.S. Sailing Association announced last week that they'll be honoring a group of three kiteboarders for making an exhilarating rescue that sounds like something out of a Vin Diesel movie. During the incident back in April, Tugboat Captain Roger Christiansen and his single crew member were forced to abandoned ship as their boat sank in the rough waters off of Ocean Beach. The three extreme rescuers were taking advantage of the conditions when they spotted the captain in an inflatable raft, who directed them to search for his shipmate stranded in the water with nothing more than a life ring. Two of the boarders flagged down a Coast Guard rescue vessel while the other used his kite to pull the second sailor to safety. A spokesperson for the Sailing Association told the Examiner, "Nobody could have done that in those conditions. The mastery of their gear is truly impressive.

For their courageous efforts the Sailing Association will honor the kiteboarders, all from Sausalito and San Francisco, with the Hanson Rescue Medal. Unfortunately Captain Christiansen didn't make it back to shore after his life raft capsized in the 10-foot swells.