Presented (mostly) without commentary and in no particular order, our favorite utterances from the May issue of San Francisco's most exclusive news magazine. This month's theme is "luxury and customized travel." Observe:

  • "It's a jungle out there, but forget about political uprisings and hot spots of unrest. African safaris are a more popular travel destination than ever." - Claudia Zaik, in Lion Art - What Color is Your Safari?, page 25.

  • "Whether you need a smooth ride to meet with a client in Los Angeles, or a quick getaway from a coup d’état in Libya, a charter flight is the safest and most private way to jet." - Jason Henry McCormick's Private Jet Update - Making a Clean Getaway, page 15.

  • "Speaking of diving in, Mom’s [sic] out there will love knowing that glamorous, oh-so wearable one-piece bathing suits are back, with more style than ever. Mothers and daughters will definitely see eye-to-eye about this warm weather must-have. (See page 10 for ideas.) - Publisher Lois Lehrman's Letter to Our Readers, page 4.

  • "Many feature a structured or sweetheart neckline, providing strong support through shoulder straps, a halter neck, or side boning. Shirring, or gathered fabric, provides extra coverage over the stomach. Leg openings are modest, and the derrière is completely covered. Some suits feature an extra panel that gives the illusion of a skirt." - Jennifer Raiser's Getting Along Swimmingly (Mother Will Approve), page 10.

  • "Wine shops in our neck of the jungle don’t carry the best Mexican wines. Mega, a cavernous store south of here, has a goodly assortment of Spanish, Argentinean, and Chilean wines, and a sprinkling of California wines. For everyday sipping, we purchase Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc, very decent at about $6 a bottle, but produced in California." - Ed Schwartz, in Wines in Mexico? - ¡Si!, page 35.

  • "Many years ago, you had little choice in the luxury car field. You could buy a traditional American Cadillac, or the Mercedes-Benz alternative. Now, there are at least a dozen distinctly different choices in the fine car field. Here are three, from three different countries..." - Martin Swig in Choice, at $65,000, page 24.

  • "Yes, food and wine can be fattening, and traveling can be difficult and expensive…but it is fun to dream about these great escapes. Better yet, some of our tastiest epicurean moments and most interesting journeys are brought to us by that greatest of all escapes, the movies (without risk to waistline or wallet)." - Jan Wahl in Reel Escapes, page 32.

  • "For many women (or is it just me?) 'Loubies' and their ilk are 'dinner,' not 'walking' shoes; walking scuffs up those signature soles. Itinerary: carry stilettos in chic bag from hotel to taxi. Put on shoes to strut from taxi to restaurant. Sit, kick off shoes. By the way, M. Louboutin threads through Paris by Vespa, in sneakers." - Sandra J. Swanson in Trippy Footwear - Sculptor Turned Shoemaker, page 16.

  • "Forty of Picasso’s paintings, including the once-scandalous Boy Leading a Horse, from his Rose Period (because of the nude portrait of a young man), and the well-known Portrait of Gertrude Stein, will be on exhibit." - Kellie Ell in The Stein Collection at SFMOMA - There's Definitely a There, There, page 8.

  • "Furuseth, known as the 'emancipator of the seaman,' might have also, accidentally, been instrumental in establishing San Francisco as a seafood mecca, a kind of 'foodies’ Valhalla.' ” - Ted William Regan in City for Sail, page 28.

Bonus Willie Brown sighting: with girlfriend, on page 7.