For your wonky pleasure, we have some highs and lows today regarding two mayoral candidates. First, according to Chris Roberts at SF Appeal, City Attorney Dennis Herrera could be in tepid water for allegedly questionable funding. Roberts notes: "Lobbying clients of local political consultant Alex Tourk -- who is under investigation for potentially illegally lobbying City Attorney Dennis Herrera, whose campaign for mayor Tourk is running -- also donated to Herrera's mayoral campaign, records show." Current city law, you see, restricts campaign consultants from contacting current or former clients. This law was authored by a former supervisor who, at the time, had a beef with the Newsom Administration.

In more joyous news, candidate Bevan Dufty promises to bring more tops to the Castro if elected. Tongue in cheekily, so to speak, Dufty told Queerty how it all went down. Ahem:

Well, you get unique experiences campaigning in every neighborhood in San Francisco, and certainly the Castro is no different. It was a softball Sunday, so to speak. It was after the games, and there were a lot of softball players at Moby Dick. And I was working through the crowd, and somebody stopped me and pointed a finger and said, “I am not voting for you for reelection unless you deliver more tops to the Castro.” Like most politicians, of course I closed the deal and said, “absolutely,” and moved on. And I would say for months and months Tony would give me a bad time and wag his finger at me when he would see me out and about on delivering his promise. But I can say, ultimately, obviously I did pretty well, because he’s in a very happy committed relationship. So I don’t know if I can take credit for it, but at least I have a happy voter.

So, yeah, there you have it. Read all about Dufty's dress-wearing days and more at Queerty.

Finally, don't miss tonight's mayoral forum at USF at 6 p.m, featuring Leland Yee, (California State Senator), Michela Alioto-Peier (former San Francisco County Supervisor
David Chiu (president of the Board of Supervisors), Bevan Dufty (former San Francisco County Supervisor), Tony Hall (former San Francisco County Supervisor), Dennis Herrera (San Francisco City Attorney), Joanna Rees (entrepreneur), Phil Ting (San Francisco County Assessor).