We're getting word that a massive fire erupted at 1044 ans 1040 Folsom, near Seventh and Sixth Streets, early this evening. SFist co-editor Jay Barmann tells us that the fire is located in or near the same building as newish Ethiopian restaurant Moya. According to Twitter user @awawro, "SFPD confirm Park Hotel on Folsom is on fire and structurally unsound. Pedestrians warned to clear the area. [pic]"

We'll update as soon we know more.

Update: KRON 4 reports that the blaze is now a four-alarm. Two injuries have been reported.

San Francisco firefighters say that two buildings are on fire between 1040 and 1044 Folsom Street and at 181 Rausch Street. Two firefighters and two residents are injured and being looked at by medics. There are no details on extent of their injuries.

6:50: ABC 7 has live-streaming footage of the fire now in progress.

7:00: Folsom fire grows more intense. KTVU reporter Ken Wayne says that the "roof [is] caving in. [pic]" Loads of firefighters surround the building. Helicopters hover above.