What with Fourth Street hogging all of the gourmet glory as of late, Third Street is all but ignored. (Think of Third Street as the Gurerreo to Fourth's Valencia, only minus the insufferable human beings.) With that, we bring your attention to Bill's Kitchen and Teriyaki. Yes, it's one of those cheap Japanese/Chinese food hybrids. Yes, it hasn't the grandest Yelp score. And, yes, the interiors aren't the swankest. But the restaurant's proprieters are terribly kind and they serve the best chicken wings in town, period. (Think made-to-order super crispy fired wings, loaded with the right amount of salt and pepper.) And starting today, they're having a super cheap happy hour.

So cheap, in fact, is this glorious happy hour that Bill's Kitchen and Teriyaki couldn't even afford a better sign. (We found this just outside SFist headquarters, the poor thing.) If you're stuck at work today in SoMa, this is the perfect place to bring your laptop (free wi-fi!) order some dim sum, grab a beer and/or a Diet Coke, and hunker down until nightfall.

Bill's Kitchen and Teriyaki
475 3rd Street (between Stillman & Bryant), S.F.