Is it wrong that we're enamored by this 'Merica-loving, ATV-riding, "U-S-A"- shouting, gun-shooting patriot who, in a fit of Osama-is-dead arousal, made this ode to the U.S.? If so, then we don't want to be right. It's too adorable. And chilling. But mostly adorable. The man in question here, West Virginian chef Matt Gillespie, explained to Gawker why he made the video:

I made this video because I felt like it represented a feeling many Americans shared regarding the brave and daring actions of our service members who tenaciously and doggedly pursued Osama Bin Laden. I feel like it represents something in the collective consciousness of America at that particular moment in time. A cathartic release.

It also reminds us of the opening scene in Sofia Coppola's (woefully underrated!) Somewhere. Breathtaking. Way to go, Matt.

[via Gawker]