Willie started his week with an insider account of that singing protest during Pres. Obama's fundraising lunch at the St. Regis. While Dianne Feinstein was busy peer pressuring Temporary Mayor Ed Lee in to running for a full term, Naomi Pitcairn (the singing protester) approached Da Mayor to talk about medicinal marijuana. We know the lady has balls - she paid over 70 grand to sign a song to the president, after all - but apparently she was also stoned. As she told Mr. Brown before her performance, "I've already had my hit for the day." #OnlyinSF?

George Gascón also had a fundraiser that made the cut for Da Mayor's busy calendar. The current DA had held court at Harris' steak house, presumably as a subtle reminder that Kamala Harris (no relation) was once our District Attorney. Or maybe George just likes the way they do their baked potatoes, who can say for sure? Anyway, Jerry Brown was there, so Willie made fun of him for not having enough Republican votes on the budget.

While we're on the subject of food, Willie turned in a nostalgic piece on Tommy's Joynt on Inside Scoop this week. As he took a seat at the bar ("probably one of the oldest in the city") and bit in to his corned beef sandwich he was instantly taken back to the 1960s." So if you've ever wanted to know what it felt like to be Willie Brown in the 1960s: it felt like a corned beef sandwich. The bartender also served up one of the best cappuccinos Willie has ever had - so take that, fourth wave coffee establishments.

After rediscovering a pre-movie lunch spot, Wille headed across the street to the AMC Van Ness to check out The Conspirator about the trials that followed the Lincoln Assassination. Apparently there's some modern day parallel to Guantanamo Bay prisoners, but who cares - the costumes "are just superb"! On the other hand, during Henry's Crime Willie was so bored by Keanu Reeves and James Caan that he answered his cellphone in the middle of the movie. A funny anecdote, sure, but we'll just quietly add that to the running list of common courtesies Da Mayor believes he is not beholden to.

Finally, in other "Willie at the Movies" news, he says he headed to the Castro Theater for the opening night screening. We were also in attendance and we managed to completely miss him, but eagle-eyed SFist commenter DJTennessee spotted him leaving before the credits even rolled. Still, his brief visit to the Castro had him noticing all the "very alive...packs of young gays and lesbians wearing a smash of colors." The colorful Castro crowd inspired the noted dandy to head home and play dress up. He dug a 10-year-old lime green jacket out of his closet and whaddyaknow? It still fits.

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