We're going to say something that may not be so controversial , but we hope no one takes this wrong way: Every so often San Francisco theater really needs an injection of energy from New York. We can get a little becalmed and lazy here, what with no cohesive "downtown" scene, no network of cutting-edge off-Broadway theaters etc. We have the talent here — San Francisco would be a very different place without emigrés from New York and L.A., escaped here to find a better and easier life but bringing with them a few innovations, fresh talent, new viewpoints. What got us thinking like this was Taylor Mac's witty and audacious new play The Lily's Revenge, playing for a month at the Magic Theater and starring a crew of amazing Bay Area performers. Taylor Mac is a born performer we were already familiar with from the Tingel Tangel Club circuit, which has made a couple of trips to S.F. in recent years, and he's a writer, singer, Vaudevillian and drag performer of a school that fits well with the edgy, rag-tag drag scene here, born of the Cockettes as much as it was from the East Village in the 80s.