The Examiner's Ken Garcia might be bored by the Mayor's Race, but over at the Chronicle the mud has started to fly. After last week's news that some city officials will be getting pay raises despite a budget deficit, former Marina supervisor, current mayoral hopeful and St. Helena homeowner Michela Alioto-Pier has called on city officials to turn them down. Fellow mayoral hopeful, board president and North Beach supe David Chiu already offered to give his back, but on the left progressive candidate and current 1998 Honda Civic owner John Avalos wants to make sure everyone sees this for what it is: Avalos called Alioto-Pier's request "pure, base pandering to the lowest common denominator of the electorate," while explaining to the Chronicle that he is "scraping by" and that his aforementioned Honda Civic is "making a lot of funny noises right now." Car troubles aside, Avalos told the Chronicle he is also prepared to turn down the $2,000 raise.

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