Interim Police Chief Jeff Godown announced yesterday that the case involving the shooting of Mechthild Schröer, the German elementary school headmaster who was killed by a stray bullet as the result of a gang-related dispute in Union Square last August, was resubmitted to the District Attorney last month with more evidence. The D.A. is still deciding whether there's enough evidence to file charges against the two to five suspects who were involved. A suspect who had initially been arrested last year had later been released due to lack of a murder weapon.

Coinciding with these developments, Schröer's husband, Stefan, and their two teenage sons are in town this week paying tribute to Mechthild, while also thanking all of the locals who showed their support and finding out why no one's being held accountable for her murder. The family was given a free hotel stay at the Kimpton Hotel, which is just down the block from the scene of the shooting, and the owner of Sears restaurant and Lori's Diner has offered them complimentary meals during their stay. Stefan said that the family has received at least forty written condolences from San Franciscans since Mechthild's death.

There will be a memorial service for Mechthild tomorrow at a local church.

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