The actually-happening, six-lane bowling alley slash locally sourced eatery coming to the Mission next spring released a couple pieces of key info this afternoon: A name, address and a chef. Co-owner Sommer Peterson of Mini Bar on Divisadero lets us know that the lanes will carry the simple-yet-effective name: "Mission Bowling Club" when it pops up at 17th and South Van Ness. In keeping with the theme, they've also announced a kitchen deal with local celebrity chef Anthony Myint - formerly of Mission Street Food and currently a partner at the much-loved Mission Chinese Food and the celebrated Commonwealth. Since we know Myint loves to tuck his food operations inside of other establishments, the arrangement in the warehouse-turned-bowling alley at 3176 17th Street should be a fine fit. More importantly, as Tablehopper points out Myint will be resurrecting Mission Burger from where ever it disappeared to in the back of Duc Loi supermarket. From Mission Bowling Club's press release:

The restaurant program will be headed by Anthony Myint, founder of Mission Street Food and Mission Burger (and current partner in Mission Chinese Food and Commonwealth restaurants). Myint’s menu will feature the “Mission Burger” and other technique-driven comfort food, with a portion of sales going to local youth-related charities.

Nice to see the altruism that garned so much buzz at Mission Street Food is still on the menu as well - with a bowling-related spin even. As for the general vibe at MBC, the lanes will be "a modern take on an old-school pastime... a welcoming spot, where people can drop in to go bowling, have a drink, enjoy a meal, or all of the above." We'll be sure to let you know when slots become available on our bowling team.