EaterSF will kick off their first-ever Burger Week starting today. In addition to all things hamburger-related, Eater readers will decide which burger in the Bay Area is the best. "Based on our reader submissions over the past week and our own editorial savvy, we've chosen 16 burger contenders and placed them into four categories. (NB: Massive shilly write-in campaigns did not guarantee inclusion in the bracket). The four categories are critics' favorite burgers, classic-style burgers, new school burgers and high class burgers," reports Eater. Lucky for you, readers, we already know what the best burgers in the Bay Area are. True. Behold:

Critics' favorite burgers: Marlowe
Classic-style burgers: In-N-Out Double-Double
New school burgers: 2 In-N-Out Double-Doubles
High class burgers: Animal Style In-N-Out Double-Double

Ta-da! There you have it. If you must, though, you can head over to Eater to select your favorite. (Today's poll? Critics favorite!)