Traffic along Third Street at Brannan up to Market is at a standstill this morning. President Barack Obama, who is staying at the Intercontinental Hotel during his visit, made his way to the St. Regis for an "exclusie" breakfast at 9 a.m., which has caused the massive delay. Mission Street between New Montgomery & 4th and 3rd between Folsom and Market will be closed for most of the morning. We see nothing but cars and angry faces looking outside the window of SFist HQ. Sorry folks.

On a personal note, Obama's visit made us nearly miss a 7 p.m. screening of Scream 4 at the Metreon. (Side review: if you must catch Wes Craven's latest installment, see it for Hayden Panettiere's performance, hair. She's the only good thing about it, really. We felt no sympathy or concern for the other high school-aged characters. And [spolier alert!] if you have access to Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell, why not use them for more than the kickoff stabbing-death cameos?)