San Quentin / Capsized Boat: Did you know San Quentin had a fire squad composed of minimum-security inmates who live outside the prison walls? Well, they responded to distress calls and pulled a man and woman in over the sea wall early this morning. The two, at least one of whom had been drinking, had encountered engine trouble out on the Bay and after falling overboard, the man tipped the boat over trying to get back into it. The two then floated over to San Quentin where the woman was rescued, and the man, who was unconscious, was pronounced dead. [Chron, ABC7]

East Oakland / Drug Bust:
Medical marijuana may be all good over in Oakland, but not huge illegal grow operations... Cops responding to an alleged burglary in progress stumbled into a grow house with 2,300 plants worth about $1 million. They're still trying to determine the owner of the building, which is on the 5800 block of Foothill Boulevard. [Tribune]

Albany / Fatal Car Accident: A white Ford Explorer rolled over near an exit on I-80 eastbound this morning, killing the driver. Another adult passenger and two children survived the crash. At one point all five lanes of I-80 were closed. [KRON4]