Things just haven't been the same since ever since shut down in April 2001. Where can one have the latest Vogue, a pack of cigarettes, condoms, DVDs, and a pint of Chubby Hubby delivered to your door sans delivery fee in almost no time? Nowhere, that's where. (At least in San Francisco.) Harnessing the awesome power of the world wide web, Kozmo began as a venture-capital-pregnant online company that promised free one-hour delivery of videos, games, dvds, music, books, food, razors, and more. As Eve Batey of SF Appeal recalls: "I'm certainly not the only one who remembers the company Business Week once said might become 'the 7-11 of the net' fondly: CNET listed it as #2 in their 'Top 10 tech we miss' rankings, and the bags used by their employees are a much-desired commodity, the the point that counterfeit Kozmo bags were allegedly being manufactured and sold."

After burning through an estimated $280 million in venture capital during from 1998-2001, the company went down in history as one of the biggest interweb flops of all time.