This week's Board of Supervisors meeting agenda lacks the star power of an Ed Lee cameo, so those of us following along at home will probably be left with nothing to discuss other than the seasonal-appropriateness of Supervisor Kim's outfit. If we can get past our sartorial obsessions, however, here's what we'll be keeping an eye on:

Item 0: Resolution to get Scott Wiener a pre-meeting espresso and/or 5 Hour Energy Drink - Not an actual agenda item, but after last week's naptime, SFist editorial staff approved a resolution to make sure D8 Supervisor Scott Wiener doesn't nod off again.

Item 3: Approval of Liquor License for Southern Pacific Brewing Company - Others have written about the NIMBY problems facing the new brewery, but we'd just like to see even more local beer. The city will never reach a critical mass of loca-tipplers if all our brewpubs are micro.

Item 4: Approval of $1.1 million federal grant for Arelious Walker Drive Improvement Project - The saddest looking stairway in all of Hunter's Point is going to get a million dollar facelift. We don't expect this to be much of a discussion since the money's coming from a federal grant, but maybe Malia Cohen will give a rousing speech? One hopes.

Item 8: Mission District Streetscape Plan - Passed on first reading last week. Expect it to finally pass this week.

Item 12: Twitter Tax Break - Wait, we're still talking about this? Yes, we are. Because the amendments keep getting screwed up. Assuming all the paperwork is in order this week it should be finally passed.

Item 13: Botanical Garden Non-Resident Fee - Temporary Mayor Ed Lee won out over Possibly Mayor John Avalos last week in an item that had far too much discussion when you realize we're still talking about charging tourists to look at plants. If last week's vote carries over, non-residents will continue paying to look at said plants until at least September 2013.

New Business:

Item 14: Temporary Good Samaritan Occupancy - the first new item on today's list would allow city officials to bestow Good Samaritan status after tenants are dislocated due to emergencies like fires, earthquakes, landslides, etc. D8 Supe Scott Wiener is sponsoring this one after a firebug hit his district, but we think Marina Supervisor Mark Farrell added his name to the legislation because there's a strong chance his district could sink in to the Bay at any moment. Good Samaritan status creates some exceptions to the rent law so that displaced victims could enjoy lower rent for an agreed-upon period of up to two years. After that period, the landlord is free to evict the tenant on just cause or bump up their rent back to market rates.

Item 21: Resolution supporting Assembly Bill 877, Non-Felony Vehicle Code Violations - Resolutions are crap, in general, but Ross Mirkarimi would like to support the California Assembly's bill that would make it easier for the formerly incarcerated to obtain a driver's license.

Item 22 and 23: Redevelopment Improvements of Arelious Walker Drive Stairway and Bayview Opera House - These two items would allow the Redevelopment agency to spend another $61,500 on that stairway mentioned in item 4 and another $1.18 million on improvements to the Bayview Opera House and it's surrounding plaza.

The full board agenda is available here and the meeting thing kicks off at 2 p.m. on Tuesdays. For those of you who like to follow along from home, you can stream it live on