Thaddeus Iorizzo and Margaret Prisco, a couple from upstate New York who briefly moved to San Francisco in 1981 when they were in their early 20s, tell of their experience with having Joseph Naso as their neighbor at 18th and Oakwood in the Mission thirty years ago. Naso, who is suspected of killing at least four Northern Californian women during the '70s through the '90s, was dubbed by the couple as "Crazy Joe," due to his odd behavior and "freaky vibe."

Margaret Prisco worked at a car dealership where Naso was the building superintendent, and Naso later moved into the basement apartment below the couple's studio apartment. Strange encounters soon occurred, such as when Iorizzo saw Naso dump two stacks of really brutal bondage magazines in the garbage, and then deny owning them. It was "[s]tuff for madmen," Iorizzo said. Naso had also threatened to kill Iorizzo for practicing his bass guitar too loudly one day, and Iorizzo suspected Naso of snooping through their stuff, which was often out of place when they'd return home.

Luckily Iorizzo trusted his gut and soon moved the couple out of the Mission District apartment and away from the city. Iorizzo told reporters it felt like "The Angel of Death was going to visit us."

Iorizzo told the media that investigators informed them recently that they found boxes of notebooks detailing how Naso wanted to torture women, along with a numbered list of targets. Margaret Prisco was reportedly number ten on the list, and there were three composition notebooks solely dedicated to her, containing thousands of pieces of evidence, including writings, photographs, and horrific details of her intended torture.

"Beelzebub's waiting for him," Iorizzo declared.