San Francisco, as you know, is a unique and special flower. A city unlike any other where whimsical and unique things happen that would never occur anywhere else. Like Bay to Breakers. Or most of Stephanie Tanner's life lessons. Or a delightfully delusional man photographed at a hunky Jesus contest thrown by a cabal of altruistic drag nuns. Sure, those are all uniquely San Franciscan, but judging from the dumb stuff people say on twitter every day, some of you out there seem confused about what constitutes an "Only in SF" moment. Let's take a look:

Finally, a half-way decent glass of airport wine. Gabbiano, chianti 2009. Nothing to run out for, but not bad for airport. Only in SFMon Apr 11 22:49:26 via Twitter for iPhone

Have to differ here. We know everyone is crapping their pants thinking about having their pre-flight Humphry Slocombe in SFO's new Terminal 2 or whatever, but have you ever flown through Charlotte, North Carolina? Not only do they have quite a nice little wine shop, but they also liberally sprinkled whitewashed wooden rocking chairs throughout the terminals so you get that whole "hangin' on a porch, waitin' for my connecting flight" vibe. Also, their barbecue sandwiches are better and half the people in San Francisco think barbecue means throwing a piece of chicken on a grill. Anyway: incorrect. Wine in airports is not #OnlyinSF, if you will.

"home, let me go home. home is wherever I'm with you." awesome, Edward Sharpe for the #sfgiants pregame. only in SF.Sun Apr 10 19:31:42 via web

Sure, that song is played only in San Francisco and about 9 different commercials for compact cars. Incorrect!

Only in SF will the ups guy leave boxes on the side of the road and drive away Apr 09 20:35:46 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Pretty sure you should take that up with UPS and not an entire city of people who, for the most part, do not work at the United Parcel Service.

I thought the loud-as-shit parrots of Telegraph Hill were only in SF. Sadly, they are in LA as well. I wonder if they are rival gangs.Sat Apr 09 16:42:40 via TwitBird

In LA they just call them "parrots".

Only in SF will you see a grown ass man wear a hat like this. #SFGiants fans need to watch WNTW Apr 10 02:23:47 via Twitter for iPhone

Cool it, Phil! It's only baseball. People wear dumb shit. Like hats in general.

Only in SF can the smell of pot waft onto the baseball field full of 7 year olds. At 9 in the morning.Sun Apr 10 01:07:21 via Twitter for Mac

Actually, in the Midwest, where boredom among the youth is a very real epidemic the pot smell would probably be wafting off of the field. Haven't we all seen Dazed and Confused by now?

Omg wtf this lady just pulled her pants dwn & straight up started peeing in front of everyone, only in SF Apr 10 00:22:15 via TweetCaster

It's a rookie mistake, thinking our vagrants are unique. And while we do have some characters out there, "lady peeing in the street" is surprisingly common nationwide. Her and the guy who reportedly took too much LSD and now thinks he's a glass of orange juice - every town has that guy.

WoW only in SF will a #Hippy #bust out of a pile of trash during the middle of a #skate session and ask "you guys fixin' to buy some #LSD?"Sun Apr 10 21:37:25 via Twitter for iPhone

OK, yeah that one might be true, actually.