Last year San Francisco's No. 209 Distillery, makers of some of the finest gin this side of the Prime Meridian if you don't mind us saying, produced a limited run of Kosher for Passover Gin at their Pier 50 distillery. And thus, the chosen people who choose the heavy stuff no longer had to suffer Manischewitz at the dinner table. This year, they've knocked out an even bigger run of bottles, so you shouldn't have to wander the deserted aisles of BevMo too long to find one. (In fact, we checked with the artisanal beverage purveyors at Cask and they've already got a stock of the stuff.) Distilled from sugar rather than the usual grain spirits, the Rabbi-approved formula of No. 209 might throw off the balance of your crisp martinis a little bit, but it's better than pissing off the big guy upstairs, right? Depending on how you take those martinis, you might need to go in search of some kosher vermouth as well, but around here we maintain that vermouth is for suckers. [NYTimes]