As the Lower Haight Art Walk approaches (from 6pm to 9:30pm on Friday, folks), so does the annual tattoo roulette tradition at Idle Hand Tattoo Studio. See, each year they offer "$60 Get-What-You-Get Tattoos" night. It goes something like this: They have a large gumball machines filled with tattoo designs, you fork over a comparatively scant $60, turn the dial, and outcomes your new tattoo. Whether you like it or not. But, since the artists at Ide Hand are taop-drawer, you're bound to like it.

If we may, wee strongly recommend getting your tattoo on your lower back. We just know the tramp stamp will be all the rage next year. Ironically so, of course. Especially if your tattoo reads "diarrhea" in big bold letters. Like rain on your wedding day, etcetera, etcetera, and so forth.

Anyway, the Young Offenders and the Airfix Kits will provide musical entertainment. Do stop by.

What: $60 Get-What-You-Get Tattoos
When: Friday at 7 p.m. - Saturday 1 a.m.
Where: Idle Hand Tattoo Studio, 575 Haight (at Steiner)