The East Bay Rats are well known for their fight nights (SFist even crashed the party way back in 2005*), but hanging out at the San Pablo Avenue clubhouse of a motorcycle (ahem) club isn't exactly everyone's cup of tea. Still, there's no denying: the thought of attending a night of friendly subculture-on-subculture bloodsport is kind of appealing. The punks seem like easy money here, with their spiked leather jackets and distracting hair colors, but we wouldn't discount the hipsters - they tend to come prepared with menacing gadgets like iPhones and boutique ice cream. Peep the full flyer below and mark your calendar if that's your kind of thing.

[East Bay Rats] by way of [MissionMission]

(*Our apologies, the attached photos didn't seem to make it through layout upgrades and the 6 years in between.)