On the Bay Citizen this weekend, the New York Times farm team dug up a list of the Muni Chief's absences in 2010, and for one of the city's highest paid public officials he sure isn't around the office that much:

Last year, Ford was out of the office a lot: 53 workdays, or almost 11 weeks. According to a schedule provided by the agency, Ford took 31 vacation days; he attended conferences for the American Public Transportation Association during 11 workdays; he also went to China in November with a California delegation.

Supposing there are 250 workdays in a year, that means Ford isn't where you'd expect him to be about twenty percent of the time. Which is a way worse statistic than the 1% of N-Judahs that go missing. To add insult to injury, the Bay Citizen reminds us of Ford's own words from a recent interview: “That thing about people saying I’m not here — I’m always here... This job is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”