Your editor is far too achy from last night's St. Patrick's Day festivities to write mind-numbingly witty and incisive bits about today's end-of-day links, so here are your headlines. Also, ow.

  • The Rare Pleasure of Cod Semen in San Francisco [7x7]

  • A Rainy Weekend, With Lots Of Stuff Going On in SOMA [LiveSOMA]

  • Man Shot By Cops While Seated In Wheelchair Sues SFPD [SF Appeal]

  • Bulldog Bites Randy Shaw at City Hall Twitter Hearing [bluoz]

  • Please Send Plutonium to Ann Coulter's Place of Residence [HuffPo]

  • Sex Workers in SF Plan Celebration on UN Victory [BAR]

  • Get Busy Livin' [Necessary Conversation]

  • Kids, Drinking and Smoking [SFBG]