Muni Chief Nat Ford is in Washington DC this week trying to score a job and get the hell out of San Francisco attending a transportation conference. Even though Ford has been in the running for a job with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority for like, forever it seems, he decided not to pop over to that agency's board meeting this morning. It's just as well though, because according to the Chronicle the authority put off making any job offers until their new board members can get up to speed. We can only imagine the awkward workplace environment the Muni boss will be walking in to when he gets back to the office.

Definitely not helping the situation is the fact that back here in San Francisco, Ford's management team are in the middle of contract negotiations with Muni operators, the Central Subway needs federal funding, the next round of the SFpark parking management program is set to kick off soon and we've got loads of CPUC violations to deal with. Oh and the budget is only supposed to be short a mere $1 billion over the next twenty years. You got this, Nat?