If you're not on a worried parent Yahoo group, you're missing out. And how. Take, for example, this most recent exchange on the Glen Park Parents after one parent asked where he could purchase an Elmo Birthday cake. Patty, a fellow Glen Park mother, replied:

Cake Gallery...you can send them a picture of what you want and they will make it and deliver it. DON'T TAKE YOUR KIDS THERE - they are mostly known for their pornographic cakes and their shop is full of chocolate private parts. But they are also getting quite a good reputation for baptism cakes. Their cakes are delicious. I find the Safeway cakes too sugary.

Correct on all accounts, Patty! They do boast a bevy of NSFW cakes. (Again, NSFW!) They make baptism cakes. And, oh God, yes, Safeway cakes are far too sugary.

Later, another parent chimed in with the following tale about a recent visit to Cake Gallery:

I would echo Patty's advice -- definitely go to Cake Gallery, but leave your kids at home. Not knowing this I took my 3 kids including my then-5 year old with me, who had just gotten her first allowance that she was desperate to spend. She immediately ran for a giant red penis-shaped soap-on-a-rope and yelled out "I want to buy THIS!" Of course, she had no idea what it even was. I managed to steer them away from the x-rated confectionary, quickly told the owner I needed a First Communion cake, and ran out of there before they could discover the X-rated greeting cards and any other interesting items.

Thanks for taking it all in stride, San Francisco parents.

If you need a baptism cake with sexy results, please check out Cake Gallery at 90 - 9th Street (at Folsom), S.F., 415-861-2253.