Since we've had a few more of the Hollywood-celebrity types around town lately, you might have noticed we've been loosely keeping track of their whereabouts if for no other reason than to validate our personal dining habits. But our army of tipsters must not be as far-reaching as Leah Garchik's over at the Chronicle, who fills us in today on all the important beautiful folks.

Clive Owen, is apparently still dining publicly with that Ed Lee [mustache] on his face, but his handlers must have gotten tired of Zuni after the 5 meals he reportedly ate there -- he was spotted at A16 last Sunday.

Meanwhile, anti-meat/pro-motherhood activist Natalie Portman is still dining around Napa - she was spotted at Brix looking for some real food before she succumbs to cravings for vegenaise and pickles. While these two are in the area, we have a tiny request: Can someone please get Clive Owen and Natalie Portman together for a reunion at Little Darlings? It'll be just like that scene from Closer [Warning: NatPo butt, probably NSFW]. And we don't care if she has a baby bump, it'll be hilarious.

Desmond Tutu spoke at Grace Cathedral this week and apparently the folks from the church thought they'd impress him by taking him to dinner at Credo - the Financial District restaurant with all the inspirational quotes on the wall, one of which was uttered by Desmond Tutu. Is that awkward or flattering?

Finally, Danny Glover was seen purchasing milk chocolate on Clement Street. Apparently Detective Murtaugh is not too old to be frequenting a See's Candy.