Clock Bar, inside the Westin St. Francis, updated their drink menu for spring in the last week or so, and Alcademics shared the full details. The drink that caught our attention was a strange concoction called the Frankmoon Jean ($13), because it's got fresh kiwi in it, as well as bourbon, walnut liqueur, and blood orange juice. We had to try it, and it's truly strange and wonderful. Bartender and drink creator Emily Smith, who's a bit of a poet, says she started witht he vision of the name of the cocktail and the poetry she wanted to capture with the flavor. The drink she ended up with was the culmination of that vision — “an intergalactic space cowboy, of whom folklore is made.”

Frankmoon Jean

1.5 oz Knob Creek bourbon
3/4 oz blood orange
1/4 oz fresh lemon juice
1/4 oz Nocino
1/4 oz. amaro nonino
1/8 oz Benedictine
Chunk of fresh kiwi

Muddle the kiwi and juice in a shaker, add the remainder of the ingredients, shake vigorously with ice at least 20 times, and double strain over ice in chilled rocks glass. Top with kiwi soda.