Lloyd Schofield, Folsom Street Fair attendee and vocal advocate of child penile rights, told the Examiner that his proposed ballot measure to ban the practice of circumcision in San Francisco is "on track" to collect the 7,168 signatures it needs to make it on the November 2011 ballot. Caveat: Schofield wouldn't disclose the actual length of the current petition, so there's still a slight chance he's just making things seem bigger than they really are.

The Examiner also reports that Schofield has a committee of ten people organizing the canvassing efforts outside of local grocery stores, some of them paying the signature-hawkers out of their own pockets. Their message, in case you've been lucky enough to avoid it during your trips to Whole Foods for Kosher meat products is simple: "Would you like to help protect the children from forced circumcision? This is a human-rights issue."

Shofield's interest in backing the bill came after he attended a "symposium on circumcision" last July in Berkeley.

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