In the words of Boys II Men (perhaps it was your graduating class song?), "It's so hard to say goodbye," but the time has come. You were warned about this day back in December. "Three Heads, Six Arms," which had resided at Civic Center for the better part of 2010, is heading back to China tomorrow.

The statue's one-year lease has expired, and the 27-foot-tall, 15-ton copper and steel Buddha(s) is being dismantled on Tuesday morning before being sent back to artist Zhang Huan's studio in China.

As SFist commenter A_Native_Son proclaimed, "we'll always have the 2010 World Series Champs parade." The statue has been immortalized in many landmark San Francisco occasions during the past year. Help us name more in the comments. Share your pics or write a haiku, if you feel possessed.

[Via Chronicle]