The Examiner shares this juicy bit of poll news with us this morning: The Daily Beast has ranked San Francisco as the most vain metro area in the nation. Well thank you Daily Beast, that means we’re just really, really good looking, right?

The online magazine discovered this somewhat meaningless conclusion after polling readers in a survey that examined three criteria: how much city residents spend on average a month on personal-care products and services such as cosmetics and spa treatments; the percentage of the city’s population not overweight; and the percentage of the population that belongs to gyms. Again, we just like to work out and look good, right?

The Examiner interviewed local exercise buffs and scholarly folk about the survey and got a resounding “so what?”

“To me ... vain is more of an attitude and how you treat people ... and how do you measure that? It’s like saying people who run are vain,” said holistic life coach Brendan Neff-Hall.

“It seems like the methodology ... you just can’t take it seriously,” said Malo Hutson, an assistant professor of city and regional planning at UC Berkeley

Other cities that made the Daily Beast list include New York and Los Angeles. It’s a heavy weight for us to lift to believe that L.A. is somehow less vain than San Francisco. Didn’t they invent vanity? [Examiner] [The Daily Beast]

(by Emily Savage)