Like, it's really sad what's going on in Egypt and stuff, right? Wrong! According to Sarthanapalos' "How Not To Say Stupid Stuff About Egypt" (discovered by SFBG's Sarah Phelan) that kind of gibberish will not be tolerated. The handy guide for Egypt newbies (e.g., many of us) has some great examples of what not to say while discussing the revolution in progress.

A few choice examples:

“The Twitter Revolution”. No, this is the Revolution of the Egyptian people. Egyptians resisted for decades. They were tortured, jailed and repressed by the Mubarak and Sadat regimes. Twitter and Facebook are tools. They did not stand in front of the water canons, or go to jail for all these years to get the credit. There were demonstrations all summer long and for a several years through out Egypt but they are rarely covered, because we are worried about what Sarah Palin said, or some moronic Imam saying something stupid. Does it sound a bit arrogant to take credit for a people’s struggle?


“I am so impressed at how articulate Egyptians are.” Does this sound familiar? Imagine saying this about a Latino or African American? You don’t say it. So don’t say it about Egyptians. Gee, thank you oh great person who is of limited experience and human contact for recognizing that out of 80 million people some could be articulate, educated and speak many languages. Not cool. Don’t say it. You may think it, but it makes you sound like a dumb ass.