An abandoned dump site along the Russian River that belonged to the Korbel Champagne Cellars has recently become exposed due to erosion, unearthing old trash like champagne bottles and plastic sheeting that's been washing downstream and getting caught in tree branches. Korbel pledges a cleanup effort in the next week, saying this has happened before, and they thought they had addressed the problem in 1998.

The dump is no longer in use, and grapes have even been planted on top of it, but changes in a river bend have caused new erosion on a bank that borders the site. As the Press Democrat reports, "The exposed trash is readily visible by boat. Plastic, champagne bottles and other debris protrude from the mud."

They're sending 10 boats out this week and say the majority of the trash should be cleaned up within a day. A local Fish and Wildlife dude seems unconcerned, saying it's mostly harmless trash and cleanup is the best solution, since "excavating would do more harm than good."