YouTube user Photorikki captured several recessionistas living it up near former Supervisor Chris Daly's new bar, Buck's Tavern, on Stevenson Street. (This was shot before Daly took over, by the way.) In the video, the "homeless drunk boys" throw stuff (yikes!), gingerly sip Four Loko (double yikes!), and scream at the videographer.

"This video was shot in the last month of 2010 and the first month of 2011 in San Francisco, as the city declines. My neighborhood took a wicked dive and is now known as TNT: The New Tenderloin," Photorikki pessimistically describes the setting of his cinematic effort. "The video shows two of the regular young drunks that have turned up on Stevenson St. every single night. They huddle in a patch of darkness not lit by any security or street lamp. They get drunk, get loud and want to involve everyone in their drama."


The video was brought to our attention by SF Weekly's Matt Smith who jests: "[I]t seems pretty uncool to get hammered off store-bought alcohol when beer and liquor are available at a nearby bar owned by a dedicated public servant like Daly, who is also known for hosting office cocktail parties to raise money for the homeless."

That said, we're still dying to check out Daly's new joint. Have you been? How is it? Steven T. Jones at SF Bay Guardian likes it, calling it "a progressive gathering place." Hopefully, the liberal atmosphere also extends itself to the vodka pours.

[via SF Weekly]