A bit of bizarre anti-gay sentiment hit Arkansas this week after an issue of US Weekly was censored for featuring a too-hot-for-hillbillies Elton John cover.

Joe My God reports:

Last night Twitter user JennHudd tweeted out this photo she took at Harps, a grocery store in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Apparently US Weekly's cover shot of Elton John, his partner, and baby is just too shocking for children. Harps has over 60 locations in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Call their home office at 877-772-8193 or use their contact form if you'd like to register a polite protest.

The blocker appeared after a customers allegedly complained about the family-oritented magazine cover. However, right or wrong (psst, it's wrong), this is depressing, especially for us LGBT folks who look forward to adopting. Check out the uncensored cover here.

Oh, and the most shocking part of all? "16 Pages of Hot Photos" is still visible.