While searching for an appropriate Sergey Brin link to use in today's "Google's Eric Schmidt Nets $100 Million" article, we came across one of Brin's old world wide web sites, a personal one he created while at Stanford. While we're sure loads of tech geeks and their countless hanger-ons have already chortled over this bit of antique web design (cira 1998-ish), we just found it.


We also found it nothing short of adorable. Not only does it show that he worked for Wolfram, contain a hat tip to Google ("Research on the Web seems to be fashionable these days and I guess I'm no exception...Recently I have been working on the Google search engine with Larry Page"), and have links to his younger brother's now-defucnt Geocities page, but it's also got an animated .gif of the Google cofounder during his young(er) days. And it's wavy! Rad.