Kimya Dawson, Defiance, Ohio, and Songs For Moms play Thee Parkside tomorrow night.

by Erick Pressman

Back in college, we got a mixtape that featured a song called “Who’s Got The Crack?” by a band called The Moldy Peaches, who before that time, we had never heard. The song was a spirited acoustic-heavy, sporadically-electric, unruly indie punk with witty lyrics about what may be the most infamous version of cocaine available in our fair city. Lyrically, the band utilized irony in an amount that was actually humorous, and not complete and total overkill or undermining the impact of the music itself.

At the time, bands like The White Stripes and The Strokes had started to garner popularity and momentum, and we were sure The Moldy Peaches were going to get their piece of the pie, but alas, they faded off of our radar while The Strokes could never recapture the magic that was Is This It?.