Yesterday, the Sunday Chronicle (or maybe just the normal Chronicle? who even gets the paper anymore?) posted an update on Gavin's first week in office. While the lede says he's got a lot to adjust to after leaving City Hall, it doesn't actually sound like more responsibility.

For starters, his staff now consists of only three people. Because "three people" is such a hard concept to visualize, his Newsomness compared that to "the size of the staff for the president of the Board of Supervisors." - Ohh, burn on you, David Chiu. (Wait, is that a burn on David Chiu? It actually just seems kind of embarrassing for Gavin?) Besides the reduction in staff members, Newsom is "sometimes jokingly referred as 'lite gov' at the Capitol because of the dearth of direct responsibilities relative to other offices."

So, it might sound like Gavin has no friends in Sac-town and everyone picks on him, but he's actually learning a lot about what it is the Lite Gov does: He's a UC regent now, as well as a CSU trustee and he gets to vote in the state Senate "in the rare event of a tie." Let's hope they get tied up on some important issue soon, so we can make a big deal about how he voted on it.