Cover your eyes, insufferable food-truck-Plum-bacon-maple-donut-Comstock-organic-Misson-Pie-cod-sperm-swallowing gastronomes. It turns out that, shockingly, not everyone in San Francisco follows the fresh food philosophy mantra. Namely, new interim SFPD Chief Jeff Godown.

(Godown) regrets that he's had little time for his favorite hobby, golf, because he arrives at work each morning at 6 a.m. "I eat a microwaveable cheeseburger in the kitchen, kiss my daughter goodbye and turn around and complete the process again."

Microwave cheese burgers? For breakfast?! That sounds wildly unhealthy and wildly delicious. (Quick, someone get this man a case of Activa!) While we could bemoan the new chief's early-morning meal routine, we too, during a night of heavy drinking, have fallen victim to the microwavable spicy chicken sandwich's siren song coming from the nearest liquor store.

What's the best corner store microwavable food in your opinion, readers? If you said Pizza Rolls, then you are right.