If we can leave you with one pertinent piece of information in our lifetime, it's this: When in doubt, turn to the . Why, it's chockfull of pointless rich-bitch information you need to know about this very second. Take, for example, their annual “A” list, which tracks "the Bay Area’s most talked about, scandalous, and admired celebs, socialites, politicians, and beautiful people during 2010" via how often their aggressively F5'd faces appear in the top-drawer publication.

"It’s the list that doubles as a who’s who in the Bay Area, reminding us who’s hot and who’s hotter," they inform the discerning reader.

This year's winners? Jennifer Siebel, coming in with a voluminous 28 pics, and former Mayor Willie Brown, whose well-worn visage landed in the Gazette 27 times.

SFist archenemy Dede Wilsey lands with a ploppy thud in third place at 27. Buh.

Other winners of note: Mean Academy of Art CEO Elisa Stephens (20); Google's Marissa Mayer (12); bespectacled designer Stanlee Gatti (11); sandwich maker Tyler Florence (3); Denise Hale (11); filmmaker John Waters (11); Amy "Wa-a-a-a-verly" Tan (7), excellent human being and true fashion icon, the one and only Vanessa Getty (16); ice castle Kristi Yamaguchi (7); Beth Spotswood's favorite man, Joel Goodrich (6); secret ham-'n-cheese Hot Pocket binge eater Alice Waters (2); and colorful Project Runway judge Michael Kors (2).

Not making this year's list? Pat Montandon. While she presumably no longer cares about such "A" list frivolity, San Francisco's original party girl is nothing short of a goddamn city treasure. She needs to be treated as such.

Read the list in its entirety at Nob Hill Gazette, then ask yourself just what, exactly, you did wrong in 2010 to not make the list. Because: shame on you.

(Hat tip: Beth Spotswood for her help and equally vulgar appreciation of SF society.)

Nob Hill Gazette