And today in cute baby animal news: The S.F. Zoo welcomed their first newborn baby anteater in 10 years on December 22. Giant anteaters can live up to 26 years in captivity, they eat some 30,000 ants a day, and they walk in sort of a shuffle, bearing their weight on the knuckles in order to protect their sharp claws. We're not sure of the little guy's name, but he and his 2-year-old mom and 12-year-old dad are currently not on view while they adjust to the new baby. The baby will (adorably) ride on his mother's back, like the one pictured, for about a year. [Examiner]

Also, the zoo unveiled a new addition over the weekend: a hippopotamus from the Topeka Zoo named Tucker. Below, a video of Tucker's arrival, stepping out of the box he was shipped in, and taking his first swim.