The SFPD released the following video of the man in a wheelchair who was shot by officers at 10th and Howard and streets in SoMa on Tuesday. According to The Chronicle, "A witness used his cell phone to capture the shooting on video, which shows four officers surrounding the suspect in his wheelchair. In the video, one of the officers shoots the suspect using a beanbag gun, and the suspect appears to throw the knife aside. A split second later the suspect is shot in the groin with a handgun."

While the footage is shocking, Police Chief George Gascón says it doesn't tell the entire story.

"I want to make sure we put the video in context," Gascón said at a news conference. "We have an individual acting violently. He had a knife. One of the officers has been stabbed."
Arresting officers were "reacting to the motion. What the officers are seeing and what is actually happening may be different."

Video below.