Yesterday's eight-and-a-half-hour meeting of the Board of Supervisors regarding the vote for interim mayor -- a drama which, as we noted, riveted at least several dozen non-blogging, non-journalist San Franciscans -- culminated in yet another delay, with the final vote happening Friday. However all signs point to Ed Lee getting the job. Who is this Ed Lee, you ask? Why he's our not-oft-spoken-about City Administrator, and he's Gavin's first choice for a "caretaker" mayor.

Matier and Ross note that Lee is a "team player" who'll be sure not to criticize Gavin for the mess he leaves behind, and will simultaneously take the potential honor away from eventual candidate Leland Yee of becoming the city's first Asian-American mayor. Lee's basically the porridge that Goldilocks chose, the moderates' least dangerous choice, and for this reason Chris Daly basically lost his mind.

"We are about to witness the biggest fumble in history of progressive politics," he says, after the Board failed to put together a six-person majority in favor of progressive candidate, sheriff Mike Hennessey. He was especially mad at Bevan Dufty for using his swing vote to side with the Newsom camp, and at Board President David Chiu, to whom he said, "After this vote, I will politically haunt you. It's on like Donkey Kong."

Lee's only reservation about taking the job is that city law will need to be changed in order to allow him to get his old job back after the November election. The Board is expected to take up that legislation, which has already been written, shortly. Progressives, like Tim Redmond at the Guardian, are crossing their fingers that by talking to the candidates over the next few days, someone will change their vote.